The radio program This American Life has offered iPhone and Android apps for a while, allowing users to listen to any episode of the show for just $2.99. Now there’s also an iPad app which runs $4.99.

Like the smartphone apps, the new iPad app lets you tune into more than 430 episodes on demand. You can also listen to the show live as it airs, and access extra audio and video features. You can also listen to individual stories instead of full episodes using the app — a feature which isn’t available on the This American Life website.

Of course, you can also stream episodes from the This American Life website for free, but the web player uses Adobe Flash, so it’s not available on the iPad. The app is also easier to navigate, since it’s designed for touch.

The iPad app will also let you download up to three episodes at a time to listen when you’re offline. You can also find extra features including behind the scenes photos and journals.

This American life for iPad is available from the App Store for $4.99.

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