The developers behind the popular social networking app TweetDeck have launched a major update to their iPhone App. But if some of the changes look familiar, that’s because they’ve been available in the TweetDeck Android app for a while.

TweetDeck 2.0 for iPhone has been redesigned using the same theme as the company’s iPhone and Chrome apps, including a dark color scheme and the ability to swipe between columns to view mentions, direct messages, and other details.

The new app also adds support for multitasking in iOS 4, and the graphics have been updated to support Retina displays.

There’s also new support for gesture-based controls. For instance you can pinch a column to access settings or add feeds, or pull down a column to refresh. These features are exclusive to the iPhone app at the moment, but I wouldn’t mind seeing them added to the Android version.

You can use TweetDeck to keep up with your contacts on Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, and Foursquare. If you already have a TweetDeck account, you can install the new iPhone app and login to access your saved settings. You can also use the app without logging into a TweetDeck account simply by adding Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking profiles manually.

TweetDeck 2.0 for iOS is available as a [itunes link=”″ title=”tweetdeck” text=”free download from the App Store”].

You can check out a brief demo video below.

Brad Linder

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