Yap.TV is designed to be a mobile companion to your TV addiction. It combines a visual TV show guide with a tuned-for-TV Twitter client, which allows you to explore your favorite shows by connecting with other fans and hear what they’re saying about them.

The yap.TV internal social feature allows you to add friends through the app itself and lets you see how recently other users were watching the same program. The polling feature allow yap.TV users to create polls tailored to a series. It even doubles as a TV guide, so you can see what’s on the tube in your area with your own visual TV program guide. You can browse  and learn about each series, become a fan of a show (to access it later via favorites), and organize/participate in private series-based chat rooms.

It has its own account management facility, but there’s also an option to link it to your existing Facebook and Twitter profiles. Once you’ve signed in, the app presents you with a TV grid (guide), favorites, friends and trends.

The app’s best feature is probably its refreshing Tweets in real-time, which update without any prompting. When on the friends tab, you can see your friends hop from program to program without a refresh. Of course, this can also spoil a program for some folks, so the yap.TV a system in place to filter tweets by time zone to stop this.

Right now, yap is limited regarding the series you can search for from the guide and favorites to what’s currently available on broadcast and cable networks. You can download it free of ads on iOS for free.

via Intomobile


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