Online office suite Zoho puts Google Docs to shame, with web-based apps for creating, managing, editing, and sharing text, spreadsheet, and presentation documents as well as apps for managing your accounting, email, project management, and other needs. There’s also a Zoho app for the iPhone and iPod touch which lets you view documents from your account. Now Zoho has launched a new version of its app that supports the Apple iPad as well.

Zoho Docs 2.0 for iOS also adds support for the latest iPhone and iPod touch models with Retina displays, as well as the ability to set permissions when sharing files from the app.

The app lets you upload images to Zoho Docs, view documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDF files, and other documents in your account as well as shared documents.

Unfortunately Zoho Docs 2.0 is still missing a few major features including the ability to edit documents or create new documents from the app. You’ll need to go to the web-based version of Zoho to do those things.

Zoho Docs for iOS is available as a [itunes link=”″ title=”zoho docs” text=”free download from the App Store”].

via ReadWriteWeb

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