Amazon has pushed out an updated version of the Appstore for Android which should make it a lot harder to accidentally purchase apps. While Amazon’s answer to the Android Market features a well designed layout, easy to browser categories, prominent customer ratings, and other details that make the store easy to navigate, there’s been one major problem since day one: If you’re logged in, you can complete purchases with one click.

That might sound like a feature rather than a bug, but the problem is that you use your phones to navigate on a smartphone app. So you might just be trying to drag the screen when you accidentally click a button and end up paying for an app you didn’t mean to buy.

Amazon Appstore 1.14 fixes this problem by implementing a two-step payment system. Now you have to tap the purchase button twice to complete a purchase. Initially the button will be orange and show the price. After you click it once it will turn to green and say “Get App” for free apps or “Buy App” for paid apps.

Amazon says the latest app is also more stable, works better with Android 1.6, and has other improvements. You can download the app for your phone from If you already have the Appstore installed you should be prompted to update, but if you aren’t. you can hit the menu button on your phonechoose the “more option” and then look for the “check for update” button in Settings.

Brad Linder

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