When Amazon launched its Cloud Player online music locker service, it allowed users to upload music to the web and stream songs to any desktop web browser or to a Google Android device. But iOS was left out in the cold… until now.

Sometime recently Amazon Cloud Player began working with the iOS web browser. That means you can fire up Safari on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, surf over to the Amazon Cloud Player website, and stream any songs stored with your account. The music even pauses if you receive a push notification or incoming phone call on your device.

The web interface clearly wasn’t designed for a 3.5 inch display, and it’s not all that easy to actually navigate on an iPhone or iPod touch, but I suspect the iPad experience is actually pretty decent.

Apple is expected to launch its own streaming music service soon and it will probably be part of the iTunes experience. But if you’re already using Amazon Cloud Player or Amazon MP3 you can start streaming music right away.

via TechCrunch

Brad Linder

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