Google has pushed out an updated version of the Android Market to smartphones, allowing users to filter apps by content ratings. You can set your preferences by opening up the Android Market on your device, opening the settings menu, and checking the “allow apps rated” box.

If you don’t see this option yet, it’s probably because Google is making this a phased rollout. The update should be available soon.

Google offers 5 options. You can view all apps, or apps marked everyone, low maturity, medium maturity, or high maturity. You can get more details about what each of those ratings means from the support page, but basically graphic violence, sexual content and references to drugs and gambling put you n the high maturity category.

The change is just one of many updates to the Android Market. Yesterday Google also rolled out new tools for finding apps using the Market web site, and began allowing developers to upload apps up to 4GB in size.

Brad Linder

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  1. Yawn, how about they let us filter by quality ratings?

    Show only 5 star apps? Show only 4 star apps? Yeah, that would be great, Google.

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