Have an iPhone, but prefer the way Android’s app launcher works? Now there’s an app for that.

AndroidLoader is an app for jailbroken iPhone and iPod touch devices that replaces the dock at the bottom of your device with an Android-style arrow. Tap the arrow and a window will pop up from the bottom of your screen showing a list of applications. You can scroll up and down through this single long list without flipping through home screens.

You can also control media playback from this window — something Android doesn’t offer.

By default the apps are arranged alphabetically. But you can also sort the apps manually. The concept is interesting… but not all that deep. In the 51 second demo video after the break, you basically see someone open and close the app drawer over and over again and get a brief glimpse at the settings menu.

AndroidLoader is available for purchase from the Cydia Store for $2.99.

via iPhoneDownloadBlog

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