Android lets you protect your device by creating a password, PIN or gesture lock to keep people from using your phone without your permission. But what if you don’t want to secure your entire device? There’s a free program called App Lock which lets you password protect individual apps, files or photos on your Android device.

When you first run App Lock, you need to login with the default password. It’s 1234. I suggest you change it as soon as possible.

Once you’ve done that, you can click the Lock, File Lock, or Shield Pictures buttons on the home screen to start protecting your data.

From the main Lock menu you can view a list of apps an choose those you want to protect. For instance, if you don’t want anyone reading your email or sending text messages from your phone, you cam check the boxes next to Gmail and Messaging.

The File Lock menu open a file browser. You can tap-and-hold on individual files to lock or unlock them from this view. The Shield Pictures function shows you a list of directories with photos in them. You can check boxes next to any photos you want to password protect.

App Lock will only work if the program is running, so password protecting files won’t do any good if you don’t leave the application on. Andthere’s nothing preventing someone from uninstalling the app if they gain access to your phone — so it’s probably best used to keep your kids from sending prank messages from your phone rather than as a fullproof security tool.

via Android Tapp

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