iWork for iOS

Apple has launched new versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote for iOS making all three of the iWorks apps universal apps. That means you can now run them on any support iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch. Up until recently these three apps were only available for the iPad.

Pages is an app for creating, editing, and viewing documents with text and images.

Numbers is a spreadsheet app which lets you create and edit sheets on the go, while inserting charts, tablets, and graphics.

Keynote is a presentations app which you can use to create or view slides on a mobile device.

Each app runs $9.99 in the iTunes App Store. The iPhone versions of the apps look nearly identical to the iPad apps… just smaller. A few menus seem to have been tweaked or moved, but it looks like you get all of the same features whether you have a 3.5 inch screen or a 9.7 inch display.

You’ll need an iPHone 3GS or newer phone, or 3rd generation or later iPod touch to use the new apps.

Google recently rolled out a free Google Docs app for Android, but it requires an internet connection to work and doesn’t offer nearly as many features as the iWorks suite for iOS.


Brad Linder

Brad Linder is editor of Liliputing and Mobiputing. He's been tinkering with mobile tech for decades and writing about it since...