The Cartoon Network has launched a mobile app for Android 2.1 and up which lets you watch full length episodes and clips from Cartoon Network shows. The bad news is that it’s mostly clips at the moment, with just over a dozen full length episodes available.

You can install the app on Android phones or tablets — but it’s not optimized for tablets yet. When I installed it on a Motorola XOOM the app took up just a tiny portion of the screen, and instead of playing in full screen, the video was confined to that tiny window.

Video playback quality is also nothing to write home about. Over a fast WiFi connection, the picture quality looked good enough in scenes with little motion, but since most cartoons have a lot of motion, things start looking pixelated pretty quickly.

On the bright side, if you’re just looking for a program schedule, the Cartoon Network app does a pretty good job of letting you know when shows are on TV.

via Android Central

Brad Linder

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