If you’ve been looking for a Note-taking application as simple and convenient as the one found exclusively on iOS, Fluffy Delusions may have created the perfect app for you.

Classic Notes Lite is a free app designed to function the iPhone’s Notes app in practice, but add a host of additional features. These include the ability to translate notes via Google Translate, add notes to Google Calendar, and create individual home screen shortcuts of notes. Also, you can universally search the app, share the notes via social networking, add notes to the status bar, and export notes as text to your SD card.

Perhaps the biggest advantage Classic Notes has is text to speech audio playback of notes, which is just incredibly convenient. Although the app does appear to lack polish, you’ll find all the same attractive simplicity in Classic Notes as you would in the iPhone’s native Notes.

You can download Classic Notes Lite, which is ad supported, for free from the Android Market. You can purchase the app without the ads for $1.99.

via XDA Developers


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