The developers of the Claystone Android home screen replacement have uploaded a public beta version to the Android Market. Previously the only way to test Claystone was to download and install it manually.

Claystone provides a unique home screen interface with a series of custom widgets and icons, and virtual home screens that don’t take up the full screen. This lets you place widgets, app icons, and shortcuts in a box on your home screen and flip between virtual home screens using attractive 3D animations without succumbing to the illusion that the only screen available is the one you’re staring at right now.

Claystone’s other innovation is something the developers call “content stacks,” which allows you to queue up media and links such as videos, photos, RSS feeds, or web sites.

The new public beta feels a little more polished and responsive than the version I tested a few weeks ago. The menu navigation has also been refined a bit. Users can now combine widgets and shortcuts into customizable panels, and there’s a new option to close all panels in a stock with one click.

Claystone is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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  1. We will be adding translucency and drag and drop widget support in our upcoming beta. We are releasing updates weekly so we recommend updating Claystone to keep it up to date.



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