The developers behind the popular Dolphin HD web browser have launched a public beta of the next version of the browser. You can download Dolphin Browser HD v5.0 beta1 from the company’s website.

The new browser has been in private beta testing for the last week or two, but now it’s available for anyone to download.

SO what’s new in version 5.0?

  • Support for folders in the bookmark sidebar, along with a Quick Menu to access your settings
  • Bookmark subfolders are now supported
  • Speed Dial-like new tab page which shows previously closed tabs, most visited pages, and history
  • New color scheme and UI elements (It’s all much… greener)

The Dolphin team says the latest beta is also faster and more stable than the private beta. Dolphin HD 5.0 beta will overwrite earlier versions of the Dolphin HD browser on your phone though, so you might want to stay away from the test release if you’re not willing to play bug tester for a while.

Brad Linder

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