DuckDuckGo‘s claim to fame is that the search engine doesn’t track user data in any way, protecting your privacy. But the search engine also has a few other things going for it including a simple user interface, few ads, and “zero-click” info above the web links, providing quick answers to many questions. For instance, if you search for “netbook” you’ll get a definition of a netbook first, followed by listings for articles on web sites, stores which sell netbooks, and other search results.

Now there’s also an official DuckDuckGo app for Android, and it makes search results even simpler, dividing results into categories. You still get the zero-click box at the top, but there are also topic summaries, web links and other data.

If you enter a search term that could have results in a number of different categories, DuckDuckGo will help you refine your search. For instance, when you search for “Apple,” the app asks which Apple… the fruit, one of the many companies named Apple, or maybe a film, TV show, or record called Apple?

The mobile app also supports voice search and the same shortcuts you’ll find in the desktop version for site-specific searches, performing calculations, finding famous birthdays, and other information.

via Lifehacker

Brad Linder

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