The Facebook for BlackBerry v2.0 beta app launched about six weeks ago for BlackBerry smartphones running OS 6. Now, Research in Motion has announced a new version which adds support for users sporting OS 5.0, which is still far and wide the majority of BlackBerry customers.

The new beta also adds a host of new features and performance enhancements. In Facebook Chat, you can now see whether someone is typing with the visual cue, “is typing a message”. You can also filter your Online Contacts to find a specific friend quickly and start a Chat message.

In Profiles, a Mutual Friends and Friends List is available from the Info tab, but whether or not you can view these depends on the specific profile’s privacy settings. Performance enhancements include improved Facebook Chat connections, faster delivery of notifications, and improved overall loading times.

RIM also added even more integration with BlackBerry’s native app set, which has always been a strength for the platform. You can now click on PINs (BBM), phone numbers and email addresses that are displayed on Wall posts, messages on the Info tab, and either perform the respective action (like placing a call) or save the information to your device’s Contacts app.

To download the updated (free) version of Facebook’s BlackBerry beta, you’ll need to sign up for the BlackBerry Beta Zone and a device running OS 5.0 or greater.


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