Research in Motion’s BlackBerry Messenger service has long been exclusive to BlackBerry products. But now it looks like you could soon be able to access BBM in a web browser.

Fixmo has released a public beta app designed to let you chat with your BBM contacts directly from your desktop. It’s important to note that the beta doesn’t allow for an AIM-style standalone desktop program, but will allow for BBM to extend from your smartphone to your desktop. This is done similarly to how you can use BBM on the PlayBook when you bridge it your BlackBerry.

To test the app, download the beta straight to your device at Then open the mobile app and create a new account with your email address and a password, which are then used to log-in to your BBM. Simply click ‘Connect’, then go to Fixmo Web Messenger Download | Fixmo Inc. and enter your login information. Click ‘Connect’ on the web interface, and you should be able to start using BlackBerry Messenger from your desktop.

For troubleshooting tips and other errors that may occur during the initial setup, visit the CrackBerry Forums.

via PocketBerry


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