With a slide-out QWERTY keyboard like the one the Palm Pre and Plus hide beneath their shells (or a permanently exposed one in the case of the Pixi) always at the ready, it’s a shame when you want to get productive on a mobile website but can’t.

That’s been the case with Google Docs for some time now, because although iOS and Android users had been granted editing superpowers webOS wasn’t invited to the party. Not until now, anyways. Forum users over at PreCentral have confirmed that they can now edit Google Docs files on their devices — from webOS 2.1 right back to version 1.4.5.

As you can tell from PreCentral’s screen capture, the formatting isn’t quite perfect — with a bit of the entered text spilling beyond the boundaries of the input area. Still it’s better than not being able to make changes at all. Is there anything more frustrating than pulling up a document only to discover you have read-only access?

Ok, there are plenty of things. But for webOS users, this is one more irritation which can finally be sent packing.


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