Google has made it easier to check-in to places, rate or review places, and find transit directions using Google Maps for Android. Google Maps 5.5 hit the Android Market yesterday, and it features redesigned Place pages, and updated transit information.

When you open a Place page for a restaurant, museum, or other institution, you can now find buttons at the bottom to rate, review, or check in using Google Latitude. You can also now change your home or work address in Google Latitude using the mobile app, which should make your Latitude history more accurate.

Google has also updated transit station pages, making it easier to view scheduled bus or train departures at a glance, see color-coded descriptions of which transit routes stop at the station, and what other stations are nearby. Google offers transit information in 440 cities.

Google Maps 5.5 is available as a free download for Android 1.6 and up.


Brad Linder

Brad Linder is editor of Liliputing and Mobiputing. He's been tinkering with mobile tech for decades and writing about it since...