Google has been showing some love for its mobile Maps applications pretty often this year, and the company has just rolled put yet another update for its Android app. Version 5.4.0 captures your search history and places it into your Google web history.

This new ability to search your account’s history could certainly be useful to someone who, for example, typed an address on one device but wants to recall the address on a different device at a later date.  By centralizing your search history on your account, Google’s made staying organized a little easier and added a level of convenience to Maps.

Other features include additional business details, which include the star rating beneath a business’s name in the main map view. On a restaurant, for example, this adds the type of cuisine, parking, and meals served along with the opening date and neighborhood.

You can also now report a destination that Google Maps hasn’t already added to its vast database. On the rare occasions Google has ‘missed a spot’, you can easily report a location spot and Google will review and presumably add it. This has the potential to greatly improve on Maps’ accuracy and the user experience.

You can download the latest version of Google Maps for free in Android Market.


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