Google Shopper is a mobile app for that lets you search for for the best deals from your phone, either by entering text or scanning a barcode or cover art with your phone’s camera. It comes in handy when you find something in a store that seems a bit overpriced and you want to check and see if you can find a cheaper price online or at a nearby store.

Now you can also use Google Shopper for Android to scan magazine ads and search for feature products. Honestly, this sounds like the sort of upgrade that’s meant to appeal to marketers more than shoppers, but in some way it makes the experience of reading a printed magazined feel a little more like surfing the web. You can’t click a hyperlink on a magazine page to open a new page, but now you can sort of “click” on the ads… with your phone’s camera.

The latest version of Google Shopper also adds support for QR code scanning (in addition to old fashioned barcodes), better filtering, some bug fixes, and new user interface which is a lot more… blue, than the earlier versions. The new UI also shows featured items on the start screen as well as big buttons to start a new search by typing, talking, or scanning. You can also view saved searches that you’ve added a star to, or view your history.

Google Shopper 1.4 is available as a free download from the Android Market.

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