Google has rolled out some new features for the Android Market web site which makes it a little easier to find apps you may be interest in. First up, there’s a new tab with “featured tablet apps,” which helps you find software that’s been optimized for larger devices running Google Android 3.x Honeycomb.

To be honest, there still aren’t a lot of Honeycomb apps in the market, but it’s now easier to find them. Of course, Android 2.x apps also work on Honeycomb tablets, but they don’t take advantage of all the features in Honeycomb and may not have been designed for large screens.

There’s also a new “Top Charts” tab on the left side of the screen which lets you find top paid, top free, top grossing, and top new paid and free apps at a glance.

After you install an app using the Android Market web site, you’ll also now see a new screen pop up letting you know what other apps were installed by users who installed that app.

Google has also added “Top Developer” next to trusted developers and “Editors’ Choice” badges for top apps. You can also now browser the Editors’ Choice section for a curated list of apps.

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