The folks behind the app which lets you broadcast live video from your phone or watch videos shared by other users have released a major update. There’s a countdown timer that lets you know when it will take more than 15 seconds to load a stream, and the counter that lets you know how many people are watching a video stream now includes mobile viewers.

But the two biggest changes are that the app is no longer free, and once you’ve made a purchase you have the option of paying even more on a subscription basis for additional features.

If you already had an earlier version of installed on your iOS device you should be able to download the 3.2 as a free update, but for everyone else the app now runs $4.99.

There’s also a new Mobile Theater HD in-app purchase option which lets you watch 720p HD video streams. All ads are also removed from the app for subscribers. The rates seem kind of steep, at $2.99 for a week, $6.99 for a month, and $14.99 for 3 months. Netflix, by comparison, charges $7.99 per month for access to thousands of TV shows and movies, while provides live broadcasts of events such as Korean BBQ and people playing video games.


Brad Linder

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