Music-on-demand service Napster is expanding its boundaries. Up until recently the service was only available in the US, but now UK customers can pony up £10 per month (about $16) to stream songs from Napster’s library of about 15 million tracks.

The company’s name is still probably best known for the free service that launched music piracy into the modern era a decade ago, but Napster has gone legit in recent years. The company offers mobile apps for Android and iOS. You can also pay about half the price for a package that lets you stream music to a computer, an internet-connected TV or other home entertainment device.

Users can also cache playlists, recent tracks, and other data to their smartphones to keep the music playing even when there’s no internet connection handy.

Overall the service sounds a lot like the similarly-priced Spotify service, which is hugely popular in Europe. It should be interesting to see whether Napster can carve out a niche for itself.

via EuroDroid

Brad Linder

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