NewsTweet Reader by Intelligent Hand puts Twitter integration and aesthetic style at the forefront of your news-consumption on the iPad. Simply follow the latest news by creating Twitter feeds based on keywords (hashtags) of interest, without needing a Twitter account. This amounts to essentially creating playlists for your media concerns, all on your iPad.

Discover what other readers think of the article you’re reading with just a tap on the StoryBuzz! button, thanks to NewsTweet’s deep Twitter integration. Furthermore, you can view the latest tweets from people in your area and view links they are sharing through NewsTweet’s Near Me feature. Based on my research, this location-based Twitter feature is exclusive to NewsTweet.

Other features include easy access to social sharing and the ability to read stories in offline mode when data connectivity is unavailable. All of this centers around Intelligent Hand’s self-described ‘ fresh Scandinavian design.’ Of course, this doesn’t amount to much more than a marketing ploy, but the UI and graphics are indeed quite modern and sleek. Best of all, NewsTweet’s price just dropped from cheap ($.99) to free.

You can grab NewsTweet Reader for your iPad running OS 4.0+ for free in the iTunes App Store. You can find more information on NewsTweet at its official website.


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