Nokia has announced it will rebrand all of its Ovi software and services starting this summer. So Ovi Maps, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, and Chat will be called Nokia Maps, Mail, and so on by the end of next year. And the Ovi Store for third party apps will be the Nokia Store.

The move will bring together Nokia’s hardware and software under a single brand… which is pretty much where it was a few years ago. The Ovi brand wasn’t launched until 2007.

While the apps and services are getting new names, Nokia has no plans to make any other major changes to the services.

Of course, as Nokia shifts its focus from Symbian and MeeGo to Windows Phone 7, the point might become moot. Microsoft offers its own core suite of mobile applications and its own app Marketplace. There’s also a rumor going around that Microsoft is in talks to acquire Nokia’s handset business.

via IntoMobile

Brad Linder

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