June Fabrics released a new version of the popular PdaNet app for Android last week. PdaNet lets you connect a mobile phone to a computer to share your internet connection, and the latest Android update lets you do this while hiding the fact that you’re “tethering” your devices from your wireless carrier. Now it’s the iPhone’s turn.

PdaNet 5.0.1 is now available in the Cydia store for jailbroken iOS devices, and it features a new “hide usage” setting. Theoretically this should let you share your iPhone’s internet connection without receiving a notice from AT&T or another carrier telling you to cut it out. Your results may vary.

You can use PdaNet 5.0.1 to connect a PC over USB or WiFi, and you can either create an ad-hoc connection or turn your phone into a WiFi hotspot.

In order to connect a PC or Mac you’ll need to download a desktop client. PdaNet is available as a free download, but it only works on jailbroken devices and you can’t visit secure web sites with the free version. A full license normally runs $29, but you can get one on sale for $15.95 at the moment.

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