Photobucket may be one of the biggest online photo storage and sharing services around, but that’s not always enough these days, when competitors are offering tools that don’t just let you share photos, but which also let you dress them up with digital effects. So Photobucket has launched a new mobile app called Snapbucket which doesn’t just upload your images to a Photobucket account, but also lets you apply filters, frames, vignettes and effects and share the results over Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Snapbucket lets you snap new photos or load photos from your device, apply a series of effects, and send them on their way. If you don’t want to fiddle your way through the filters, effects, vignettes, and frames every time you edit a photo, you can also use “sets” which are presets with various digital effects already applied.

Photobucket has come up with a clever way to get you to actually use the app. The more photos you upload, the more effects you’ll unlock. Honestly, I’m not all that impressed with the effects that you get out of the box — but I can’t decide if that’s a good reason to keep using the app so I can unlock new effects, or if it’s an indication that I should stop using the app and just upload my photos to Facebook or Twitter directly.

Snapsbucket is available as a free download for Google Android and [itunes link=”″ title=”snapbucket” text=”iOS”].

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