Adobe Eazel, Adobe Nav and Adobe Color Lava are all iPad companion apps for Photoshop, and they are now available for download in the App Store.

Eazel is a finger-painting app available for $4.99. The app lets you send your artwork directly to Photoshop CS5 from any location, as long as you have a network connection between your iPad and a computer. The other companion apps, Nav and Lava, sport even tighter integration with the Photoshop’s desktop version.

Adobe Nav, offered at $1.99, is designed to let you view your Photoshop documents on the iPad. The program enables users to customize the Photoshop CS5 toolbar and access its tools right on the tablet. You can browse, reorder, view and zoom in on up to 200 open Photoshop documents on iPad, tap a document on iPad to make it the active document in the desktop version. Check out more after the break.

Adobe Color Lava is useful when you need to mix colors and create custom swatches on your tablet. Anything you create on an iPad is instantly available in Photoshop CS5. Color Lava is available for $2.99.

This kind of integration with the popular desktop version gives the iPad far more photo-editing capabilities than it previously had, meaning Adobe is slowly but surely progressing toward providing the iPad with a full-fledged Photoshop client in the future.


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