Plants vs. Zombies

PopCap’s popular Plants vs. Zombies game is now available for Android. At the moment the game is only available from the Amazon Appstore. The good news is that if you download it today, Amazon is offering the app for free. Tomorrow the price goes up to $2.99 and eventually the game will likely find its way to the Android Market.

The Amazon Appstore only officially supports US devices, but if you’re outside of the US you may be able to use a workaround.

Plants vs. Zombies, by the way, is basically a tower defense game where you try to ward off invading hordes of zombies with well positioned plants in your garden.

While the game supports Android 1.5 and up, there are a number of unsupported devices including the original Motorola Droid, Samsung Transform and Intercept, and HTC Aria and MyTouch 3G.

Brad Linder

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