Back in April, Hugh Hefner tweeted that Playboy was coming to the iPad, “complete and uncensored.” However, we weren’t sure whether the magazine would be a web app or a full-fledged mobile app. Today, Playboy for iPad is live in the form of a web app, allowing it to be “complete and uncensored,” just as Hugh said it would be.

The web app is designed especially for the iPad, and contains every magazine ever published by Playboy. To see the enhanced navigation and scrolling, you can watch a video demo on iPlayboy’s homepage. You’ll find that it’s not an average mobile site; Playboy went to great lengths to optimize it for the iPad. Access to the content, however, can be quite expensive.

If you’re prepared to sign up for a year, it will cost you $7.24 a month. If you only want to commit for one month at a time, the price drastically increases to $17.95 a month. Playboy is currently offering a 3 day trial at a more reasonable $0.95. You may want to note that the trial requires payment details. If you fail to cancel after the 3 days, your subscription will rise to the full monthly charge of $17.95.

via TiPb



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