Hugh Hefner took to Twitter to announce that Playboy magazine will be arriving on the iPad “complete and uncensored” on May 18th.

In January, Hefner announced that it was coming in March, so we’re taking his promise with a grain of salt, but at least this time he provided an exact date this time, so that’s an encouraging factor.

Exactly what form Playboy will take on the iPad is currently up for debate, and several rumors are circulating. The most interesting result will be an app available through the iTunes App Store. This would be a great way to publicize the new iTunes subscription services that other magazines, such as The Daily and The NYTimes, are using.

However, Hefner may be referring to a dedicated iPad website for Playboy, which would bypass any regulations Apple may have. In the past, Apple has blocked adult content from entering the App Store, in an attempt to reach a wider audience and not upset anyone. If the Playboy app does, in fact, become available in the App Store, it may open the door for more adult content in the future.

Update: Mystery solved… it looks like the iPad app will be a web app at

via TiPb, @hughhefner


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