Plume is an attractive Twitter client for Google Android which offers all the usual features including support for viewing your timeline, updating your status, sharing links or photos, or managing favorites, @mentions, and direct messages. But while Plume started off as an app for Android phones, the latest version also looks great on tablets running Google Android 3.x Honeycomb.

When you open the app on a Honeycomb tablet it will show you three side-by-side panels for your timeline, mentions, and direct messages. You can change the function of any column by tapping on it. So if you don’t want to see your DMs, you can switch that column to Favorites, for instance.

You can also rotate your tablet into portrait mode for a single-column view, but the app really shines in landscape.

Plume for Android also includes an integrated Twitter search function and the option to view the latest trending topics on Twitter.

The basic app is as a free download from the Android Market. This version includes some advertising, but honestly the ads are pretty unobtrusive, especially on a tablet with a high resolution display. If you’d rather go ad-free though, there’s also a Plume Premium app available for $2.84.

via Android Police

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