RIM announced the latest upgrade to the BlackBerry Internet Service (v. 4.0) today in the BlackBerry Support Forums. While Research in Motion hasn’t said when BIS 4 will be available, it may be rolling out as we speak.

Shortly after the announcement, a BlackBerry user leaked the above screenshot to N4BB which displays the Email Setup Application update version 6.11.0419.0755. We’re not certain, but this is likely the BIS 4.0 hitting its first wave of handsets.

The new features included in the BIS 4.0 update include Google Calendar synchronization improvements, additional language support, and automatic login improvements. Also included are secret question changes (as an option) and Windows Live Integration Re-validation removal.

BlackBerry Internet Service is RIM’s own Internet service that guarantees BlackBerry users features like top-notch security and excellent push email. Carriers also benefit from the service, as it adds a high level of efficiency to web browsing and the use of applications, which compresses the device’s data usage.

via N4BB



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