Research in Motion’s Blackberry Enterprise Server has made BlackBerry devices popular with enterprise customers since businesses can control security, email, and other data on employees’ smartphones from a central server. Now RIM is introducing a solution that will allow corporate customers to work with android and iSO phones and tablets as well.

The BlackBerry Enterprise Solution will give IT professionals a web-based console for managing Android and iOS devices on the corporate network.

The solution will make it possible to push out software updates, manage policies, control security, activate devices, or remotely wipe devices or reset passwords.

The move is interesting, because the software essentially makes it easier for businesses to opt not to use Blackberry hardware. On the other hand, for companies that were already leaning toward iOS or Android (or receiving pressure from employees who want to use those platforms), the Blackberry Enterprise Solution offers some of the same control enterprise customers have had with Blackberry devices. It positions RIM to survive as a software company even if it loses the hardware wars.

The solution is expected to launch later this year.

Brad Linder

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