Seesmic for BlackBerry, one of the platform’s best Twitter apps, just received a major update to version 1.5.

Among the new features and UI updates is support for Salesforce Chatter, a messaging client used mostly by enterprise users and businesses. You could formerly only use Salesforce Chatter on Seesmic Desktop and Web, but it’s finally made its way to the BlackBerry app. By logging into your Salesforce account in the app, you’ll have full access to your profile and the ability to post to your Chatter account.

The update also includes some major enhancements to Seesmic’s Twitter integration. You can finally view other Twitter users’ profiles and add them to your lists. You’ll also find an improvement to the search functionality. You can now view trending topics and search for Twitter users directly. The general navigation of the app is also cleaner and easier to use.

Seesmic’s composer has long been one of the app’s weak spots, but that’s changed. The composer has been visually revamped and attachments are now uploaded only when you send your update. You can also view and manage attachments before they are actually uploaded to the image sharing service of your choice.

You can download Seesmic for BlackBerry from Seesmic’s official website for free.

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  1. Thank you for acknowledging the composer improvement and writing about this release. If I can answer your questions, please don’t be shy!
    Liza Sperling | @lizasperling:twitter | Seesmic

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