SPB Wallet is an app that offers a way to store your important credit card numbers, PIN codes, and other financial data on your mobile device using 256-bit AES encryption for security. The app also has an attractive user interface and tools for keeping your data organize.

The company has been offering SPB Wallet for Windows Mobile, Symbian, and iOS for ages, but the data storage app just hit the Android Market today. It’s available for just $3.50 through the end of the month when the price will go up to $7. That’s still a pretty good deal since SPB charges $9.95 for the iOS app and nearly $30 for the Windows Mobile and Symbian versions.

You can also download a 15-day free trial from the SPB web site. There are also desktop apps for Windows and Mac and you can synchronize your data between different versions of the app.

The video after the break should give you a better idea of what SPB Wallet has to offer.


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