SwiftKey is one of the most popular third party keyboard solutions for Google Android phones. Now the developers are beta testing a new version, and while you need a SwiftKey VIP pass to participate in the test, you can get one for free today. Just register for an account at the SwiftKey VIP forums and use the promo code #swiftkeyFRIDAY.

The app’s claim to fame is SwiftKey’s excellent text prediction technology. The app does a much better job of automatically correcting mistakes made when your fingers accidentally hit the keys next to the ones you were aiming for. There’s also a bar at the top of the keyboard which recommends words as you type, allowing you to save a few seconds by tapping on words as they appear.

The latest version of SwiftKey is 2.0.28 beta, and it includes a number of new features including new typing styles. You can let the app know that you’re a “precise” typist or a “rapid” typist, which helps the app decide how best to handle text prediction.

The latest update also has a new installation process, a new settings menu, and a new SwiftKey shortcut on the keyboard. The dark theme has also been tweaked.

SwiftKey 2 is free while in beta.

via Android Central


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