They say patience is a virtue, but many Windows Phone 7 users had all they could take of the update waiting game. Some turned to the Chevron team’s Chris Walsh, who crafted a command line tool which allowed users to update devices which weren’t yet given the green light by their carriers. While Microsoft cautioned that the “fix” could prevent future updates from being delivered, Walsh told users not to believe everything they read.

As it turns out, Microsoft was correct, and some users recently learned that they were unable to apply a security patch Microsoft pushed. Walsh quickly announced that he was working with the Windows Phone team to deliver a fix for his fix, and now he’s done just that (with a little help from Rafael Rivera). This time, he’s also been given Microsoft’s blessing, stating on his personal blog that Brandon Watson and crew have tested the repair and it’s performing as expected.

Walsh has provided downloads for use on 32 and 64-bit Windows installs, and you’ll need both his own fix and Microsoft’s Windows Phone Support Tools (which Walsh also links).

Head over to Chris Walsh’s site to grab the fix that will put your Windows Phone 7 back on the straight and narrow path to future updates!


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