Quite some time ago, ambitious hackers learned that Windows Phone 7 could work as a USB mass storage device — the feature simply wasn’t enabled by default. To switch it on required a little manual hacking in the registry, but locked devices were still out of luck. Then along came the Chevron WP7 “jailbreak” tool, and anyone who was willing to engage in a little “unsupported modification” was able to drag and drop files in Windows Explorer.

Now, however, there’s an easier method. No registry hacking is required, just download the WP7 USB Storage Enabler. The tool works on both locked and unlocked devices, and all that’s required is the .Net 2.0 framework and Zune software (though chances are good you’ve got both installed already). Once the prerequisites are satisfied, simply launch the tool and click the enable button. If you want to shut USB mass storage mode off later, launch the tool again and click disable.

In a geeky Utopian future, all smartphones will allow us to drag and drop music, photos, and videos so that we can enjoy them on the go with minimal fuss. If that never happens, at least there are plenty of enterprising programmers who will lend a hand.

via WP Central


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