VH1 has gone from ‘Video Hits 1’ to introducing a “co-viewing” application for the iPad. Sometimes called a “second screen”, the new Co-Star app is following a trend that is designed to supplement to your television masochist streak.

The app provides a social perspective to shows like Saddle Ranch and Mob Wives, centering around a feature called WatchWith. With this feature, you can see the best, most relevant comments from everyone watching. WatchWith filters and records the “best comments” (Tweets and Facebook statuses) and attaches them to the timeline of the show you’re watching.

Also included is a “DVR” feature where information will stream in real time from shows that you weren’t able to watch live. This is a unique feature to Co-Star that similar apps (like BET’s 106 and Park) currently lack. However, with the growing trend in “co-viewing” mobile apps, it’s likely we’ll see more of it soon.

Just login using your Facebook or Twitter to comment and be a “Co-Star”. You can choose whether your comments get posted to those services or just to the commentary stream in the app, which is a really nice touch. You can also watch video extras, browse photos and answer trivia questions.

You can download VH1’s Co-Star app for free in the App Store exclusively for the iPad.

via TUAW, Mashable



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