Viber is a mobile app that lets users make phone calls and send text messages for free to other Viber users. The company launched Viber 2.0 for the iPhone with text messaging support for the iPhone last month, and now Viber is preparing to launch a beta version for Android.

Android users will be able communicate with iPhone users for free. There will also be a few Android-exclusive features including:

  • Pop-up text message notifications which allow users to respond to messages without opening the full app
  • Integration with the Android system so you can see your regular phone call logs and messages in Viber
  • Viber can be set as the phone’s default dialer

You can sign up for access to the Android beta at the Viber web site. Invites should start going out this week.

Brad Linder

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    This is a member of the Viber Development Team.

    Thank you for this review of Viber’s Beta for Android.
    I’d like to deliver a message to our testers:

    You can report bugs or post suggestions here:
    Find the “Support” button on the right side of the page.

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    Viber Media.

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