Microsoft has unveiled new details about the next big update for Windows Phone 7. When Windows Phone 7.5 (code-named Mango) is released later this year, it will include new Live Tiles features, better multitasking and an improved web browsing experience. But we already knew that. Now thanks to a podcast interview with Microsoft’s Brandon Watson, we also know that Windows Phone 7.5 will bring:

  • Turn by turn driving navigation
  • Speech to text support in the SMS application
  • Bing Vision — a Google Goggles-like service that will let you search the web by taking a picture of album art, bar codes, and other items
  • Bing Audio — A Shazam clone which will let you identify a song by recording a few bars with your phone’s mic

There are also reports making the rounds this morning that the Mango update will add Bing Image Search, the addition of Windows Live Messenger to the People hub, and better Skydrive synchronization in the Office hub. There may also be support for East Asian languages in the keyboard, as well as handwriting and dictionary support.

via LiveSide


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