The developers behind the popular WordPress blogging platform have rolled out a major update to their iOS app. [itunes link=”″ title=”wordpress” text=”WordPress 2.8 for iOS”] adds a new “Quick Photo” icon on the home screen which lets you snap a photo and insert it into a blog post almost instantly, making it much easier to create short blog posts on the go.

The mobile app also adds support for WordPress Stats, letting you see daily, weekly, and monthly traffic levels as well as top posts, top referring sites, and what links readers have clicked on the most. You’ll need to install the Stats plugin or Jetpack plugin for WordPress for this to work.

The Stats feature has been available in the WordPress mobile app for Android for a while, but the iOS version is cleaner and easier to read. The Quick Photo option is also a WordPress exclusive.

The developers have also added support for 10 languages including Japanese, Spanish, French, and Hebrew.

That’s the good news. The bad news is you need to know a bit of HTML to do any complex formatting with the WordPress mobile app. There’s no rich-text formatting view for adding bullet points, bold or italicized fonts, or even hyperlinks. You can add a link by starting to type “http:” into the edit window to bring up a pop-up “Would you like help making a link?” menu. But I still wouldn’t want to write anything longer than a few dozen words using the WordPress mobile app for iOS.

On the other hand, the Android app does have rudimentary support for text style adjustments and links, and I’ve frequently used it to update existing posts from my phone when I’m not near a computer.

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  1. Android application for Word-press platform with updating a major specification. The perfect application for Quick Photo option for Word-press exclusive. Ultimately it’s better platform to providing any of the languages.

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