Zlaunchy is a program launcher for Google Android which takes a kind of old-school approach to text input. Instead of displaying a QWERTY keyboard, the app brings up what looks like a phone dialer with letters assigned to each number on the keypad. To find an application, just start hitting the corresponding letters.

For instance, if you want to find all the apps from Amazon on your phone, you can enter 262 to enter “AMA.” As you type, the list of apps will change until you only see the apps you’re looking for. Just tap on an app name to launch it.

In some cases, you can load an application with just a click or two using this method. If you’ve spent a lot of time entering text on an old T9-style phone keypad, you should feel right at home. Even if you’re more of a QWERTY fan, Zlaunchy might be worth checking out just because the large buttons are much easier to use on small phones than tiny letter keys. But this certainly isn’t an app for everyone.

Zlaunchy is available as a free download from the Android Market. You can also grab the installer from the developer’s web site and read more about the app at xda-developers.

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Brad Linder

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