The default calendar for Google Android is a mobile version of Google Calendar which is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, it means you can create appointments on the web and view them on your device, or vice versa — so you can access your calendar virtually anywhere. You can also view multiple calendars on your device. But there are some things the Android version of Google Calendar doesn’t do very well.

It doesn’t show text in the month view, just busy time. And the week view makes it difficult to see all your appointments at a glance. There are a few third party apps that address these shortcomings. My favorites are Business Calendar and Pocket Informant. But there’s also a new app called aCalendar. It’s not the most powerful or customizable app, but it has nice week and month views. And it’s free.

The app grabs data from Google Calendar and any new appointments you create will be saved to your Google account. You can flip between day, week, and month views by swiping left or right. And you can move forward and back in the calendar by swiping up and down.

There aren’t any advanced features such as the ability to move an appointment from one Google Calendar to another from the edit screen (something Pocket Informant allows). There’s also only a single home screen widget which shows an icon with the current date. But it’s hard to argue with the price.

It also took a little while to get used to the fact that when you swipe between views, you don’t automatically go to this week or today. Instead, the calendar shows the week or day that you swiped from. So if you’re looking at the month view and you want to switch to this week, you should start swiping your finger across the week you want to view in the calendar.

You can download aCalendar for Android 2.1 and up from the Android Market.

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