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Google appears to be rolling out a new Android Market feature which lets you know whether an app is compatible with your hardware. This feature kind of seems like a no-brainer, since there are so many different Android devices on the market with different hardware and different versions of the Android operating system. But up until now the quickest way to find out for certain whether an app would work on your device was to download it and try it.

Some Android apps require a certain version of Android. Others work best on phones or tablets with certain CPU or graphics capabilities. There are also a number of apps in the Android Market which only work on rooted devices — but I’d be kind of surprised if Google checks to see if your device is rooted before letting you know whether you can run apps such as ROM Manager, ShootMe, or Titanium Backup Pro.

Update: As expected, it doesn’t look like the Android Market checks to see if your device is rooted. It tells me that all of my linked devices are compatible with Titanium Backup Pro, but only one of them is actually rooted at the moment.

via Android Central

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