Apple will kill off the MobileMe service when iCloud fully launches later this year. That won’t be a problem for many users, since most of MobileMe’s features will be available for free as part of the iCloud service. But Apple published a new FAQ today looking at the transition from one cloud service to the next.

The good news is that like MobileMe, iCloud will offer web-based email, calendar, and contact access. The bad news is that iCloud users will not include three features from MobileMe: iWeb publishing, Gallery, and iDisk. If you want to salvage files saved to iDisk or keep web sites published to iWeb alive after June 30, 2012, you’ll need to download them or move them to another web host.

On the other hand, iCloud adds a number of new features including the ability to backup and restore your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, iTunes in the cloud, allowing you to download and sync your music collection on multiple devices, Photo Stream, Documents in the Cloud, and purchase history for books and apps you buy through iTunes, making it easy to re-download those items at any time.

Another big change between MobileMe and iCloud is that the former offers 20GB of online storage while iCloud users will only get 5GB for free. But Apple says users will be able to pay for additional storage if they need more space. Music, apps and books purchased from iTunes don’t count against the storage limit and neither do photos in your Photo Steam though.

via TechCrunch

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