iOS 5 OTA update

Apple will finally cut the cord with iOS 5.0. Up until now an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad was of limited use if you didn’t have a computer, because you had to connect to a computer and run iTunes to activate your device, backup your data, or install system updates. Soon you won’t need a PC at all.

Users will be able to activate a device over a wireless connection in iOS 5.0. And when it comes time to download a system update, you’ll only need to download the new portions of the OS rather than the entire operating system. That should make it much simpler to update over a WiFi connection.

Apple is also making it possible to do things directly on your iOS device that you could previously only do with a computer, such as creating or deleting calendars.

iOS 5.0 will also support wireless synchronization of data between your mobile device and your computer, but it will be the first version of iOS that doesn’t assume you do have a PC in the house.


Brad Linder

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