Apple won’t fully roll out its new iCloud service until this fall, but the company is already allowing users to upload their music collections to iCloud. And this afternoon the company rolled out another piece of the puzzle. If you’re using multiple iOS devices you can now go into the “Store” section in the Settings menu to enable Automatic Downloads.

This allows you to automatically download music, apps, or books purchased from iTunes, the App Store, or iBooks on some or all of your devices. In other words, if you buy a book on your iPhone and enable Automatic Downloads, then the title will be downloaded to your iPad as well with no user intervention required.

A little bit of info about Automatic Downloads leaked this weekend… but at the time all we really had to go on was the name, which implied a feature that would let you download updated versions of apps you’d already purchased with no user intervention. That’s something Google Android users can already enable. But it looks like we’ll have ot keep waiting for that kind of automatic download on iOS, because all we’ve got for now is the ability to sync purchases across devices.

via TUAW

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